Do you need a professional for Water heater repair in Dubai?

water heater repair

UAE is almost ready to welcome the incredible winter season. The temperatures were already reduced, and the fog also started appearing in the morning. The residents and retailers across the country are getting ready to welcome the chilled winter.  The first and foremost thing you must face during the winter season is the icy cold water from the tapes. Without a heater, you can’t even imagine a bath during this coming fantastic season. The temperature is going to dip below 20 degrees during this time.

So check your water heater and get it repaired before the winter starts. Do you think you need a professional skilled person to replace this water heater in Dubai? There are mainly two types of water heaters there, conventional and tankless. It may be working with electricity, gas, or solar. Only professional labor can find and fix the issues with the water heater. Otherwise, the water heater may produce a hazardous electric shock. To make the process hassle-free it’s always best to choose a professional plumber from a reputed Facility Management Company.

Common water heater problems you may face

The commonly used conventional water heaters come with a tank to keep enough hot water until it is needed. The tank will have the capacity to hold a water volume of 20-50 gallons. The tankless water heaters don’t have a tank to store the water. It heats the water only when we need it. Point-of-service water heaters are also there to get hot water in specific rooms or areas in your homes. One of the most common problems with water heaters is the issue with the heating coil. Due to the failure of coils the water doesn’t get hot. Other problems include leakage, overheating, misconfigured issues, improper settings issues, damage due to lack of timely maintenance, rust-colored water from the water heater, noises from the water heater, etc. If the issue is a Malfunctioning thermostat you have to replace it with a new one.

water heater repair Dubai

Normally a water heater has an age of up to 10 years. Always remember that this device is closely in touch with water, so there is a chance of rusting the material. To extend its life timely maintenance will help you a lot. If your water heater crossed its lifespan better replace it completely with a new one. Water heater replacement is a job that should be done by a professional maintenance team. Aldaem Facility Management Company in Dubai provides you with emergency Water heater repair in Dubai at affordable callout charges. If you are looking for a Plumber in Dubai feel free to contact us at +971 43885756, +971 529325710.