Different types of cleaning services in Dubai: More about residential and commercial cleaning

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Cleaning is an unavoidable job in everyone’s life. A healthy place is a necessity to live a healthier life. Mainly there are two types of cleaning services are there in Dubai, residential cleaning and commercial cleaning.

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning includes all types of cleaning that are required to keep the home dust and stain-free. Residential cleaning includes kitchen cleaning, balcony cleaning, washroom cleaning, mopping, sweeping, curtain cleaning, carpet cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, cupboard cleaning, etc. Cleaning companies in Dubai provide normal villa or apartment cleaning starting from AED 15. The price depends upon the area, time, no of cleaners, etc. 

While renovating a villa or apartment, you may require a professional cleaning service in Dubai to provide deep cleaning in affordable price.

Deep cleaning is more comprehensive than the basic home cleaning. Deep cleaning will need if you are not cleaned your home for a while, or you are coming back to home after a long vacation. It includes dusting,polishing, and vacuuming of furniture, cleaning and dusting of electronic equipments,cupboards,and cabinets, etc.

If you have any allergy towards any chemical cleaning agents you can inform the cleaning company in Dubai. Then they can use eco friendly, non toxic,biodegradable cleaning agents which is safe to you and the environment.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning includes cleaning office spaces and buildings,warehouses,parking areas etc. For both commercial and residential cleaning services in Dubai you can ask building cleaning AMC support from the provider as it is more convenient and money saving if you need the service frequently.

A clean business environment can boost the productivity and it ensures a safe working atmosphere for your staff. One of the main advantages of having an AMC contract is you can ask the same cleaner for every appointments and you can decide the time for their visit.

Exterior cleaning Service

Exterior cleaning service mainly includes facade cleaning, window, glass, rope access cleaning, and pressure wash service. Cleaning the outer glass of the large buildings are very risky. So you have to hire a professional cleaning company to do this job perfectly. A facade cleaning makes the building more aesthetic.

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